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Sweet Comeback For An Old Favourite

No longer just a sweet memory, an old British favourite is back after a decade away.

Opal Fruits are making a brief comeback after a name-change to Starburst saw them disappear from UK shelves in 1998.

The chews, which were famously "made to make your mouth water", will be making a 12-week return from 10 May.

In order to recapture the iconic packaging, the manufacturers visited Notting Hill's Museum of Brands and studied the retro yellow packs.

The sweets return with original flavours including lemon, lime, orange and strawberry, allowing shoppers to rediscover their childhood or give kids a taste of the old days.

But the chews are not entirely stuck in a time-warp, having ditched their artificial flavours and colours to keep up with modern times.

ASDA, which will be be stocking the sweets across the country, said consumer demand for the comeback had been "overwhelming".

Spokesperson Jennifer England said: "We expect them to go down a storm with our customers as they look set to fly off shelves in just over a week's time."

Source: Sky News

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