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White Chocolate Mocha Heaven

Savoy Truffles' White Chocolate Mocha
I really like white chocolate mochas, but honestly, most of them aren't very good. Usually they're too syrupy, too sweet, taste like plastic, or the brand of white chocolate doesn't combine well with the type of espresso, thus causing a clash of flavors - and not in a good way. Yet I continue ordering them, hoping each time to find the perfect white mocha. Then, one fateful afternoon, it happened. I popped into Savoy Truffles on Figueroa Street and found the white chocolate beverage of my dreams.
I went to Savoy with the intention of making a wee salad to-go and then dashing back to work. While paying for the greens, however, the smell of coffee grabbed my nose and immediately I craved a warm coffee treat to go with that salad. Savoy's menu has the usual suspects on it - latte, mocha, cappuccino - but it also has white chocolate mocha.
Since you always take a chance when going for the white mocha-and I wasn't feeling adventuresome-I decided to get a latte. Just before I ordered, however, I asked the barista what she recommended. "You have to try our white chocolate mocha," she said. "We make it with real with chocolate candy."
What's this? Not syrup, nor powder, nor some liquid milky concoction? I was intrigued. Despite the many white mochas I've had - from San Francisco to San Diego - I'd never come across one made with white chocolate morsels. I couldn't pass it up. "Go ahead, then," I said, "make me a white chocolate mocha, please." The barista grinned like the cat that ate the canary and set about making the elixir.
One thing you can't be short on when waiting for a white mocha is time; the beverage takes awhile to create. Not only is there the time it takes to pull the espresso shot and steam the milk, the melting of the chips is meditatively slow. But believe me, it's worth the wait.
After my first sip I was a fan; after a whole cup, I was a junkie. The drink was smooth, creamy, and the perfect combination of chocolate sweet and coffee bitter. It was so delicious, it was all I could do to drink it like a civilized person rather than punch a hole in the bottom of the cup and let the liquid slide down my throat like a coffee bong. I am ruined now for white mochas from anywhere else; once you've had the good stuff, there's no going back.
Fortunately, finances keep me from overdosing on Savoy white chocolate mochas-at more than $3 a pop, it's no cheap habit when you're on a budget. And, because I have it sparingly, the drink remains a treat, filling me with anticipation for when I'll have my next one.
But don't take my word for it. Get yourself over to Savoy and order up your own cup of heaven.

Source: The Santa Barbara Independent

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