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A day for flowers and chocolate

Even with an economy in crisis, Valentine's Day is still alive and well in Michiana. People might be spending less - but it seems they are not passing up on holiday staples.

Nothing says "I love you" like flowers and chocolate - at least that's the sentiment at South Bend Chocolate Company during the Valentine's Day season.

"Chocolate covered strawberries are what people come to see us for on Valentine's Day," said Jesse Vance, the store's general manager, who busied himself Saturday afternoon boxing the strawberries encrusted with milk chocolate.

For many, Valentine's Day is for sharing and reflecting with someone else.

"It gives you the chance to reflect on what's really important and just to be thankful for the relationship that you have," said John Bruinsma, who ate at a table with his girlfriend of nearly 6 months.

But really, it's hard to pull off the lovey dovey stuff without something red.

"We have a lot of customers that it's their tradition to come down and get a pound of chocolate-covered strawberries for their loved ones," said Vance.

It's the busiest time of year at South Bend Chocolate Company. And while many come to eat and get those chocolates, Vance works.

"I'm always here on Valentine's Day," said Vance. "All day long."

One person's fruit, another person's labor.

Source: WNDU-TV

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