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Convenience stores remove Fujiya sweets from shelves over expired ingredients

Major convenience store operators FamilyMart Co. and Circle K Sunkus Co. decided on Tuesday to remove all Fujiya Co. sweets from their outlets after the discovery of the confectioner's use of expired ingredients.
FamilyMart, which operates about 6,900 outlets in Japan, and Circle K, which runs about 6,300 stores, will remove "Milky" candy and other sweet products made by Fujiya.
The two convenience stores will not sell Fujiya sweets until "their safety has been confirmed," officials said.
Other companies running major supermarkets or convenience stores, such as Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ito-Yokado Co., and AEON Co., removed all Fujiya products on Monday, when the company additionally announced the use of expired materials in its sweets.
Fujiya's revenue comes mostly from sales of sweets such as candy and chocolate at supermarkets and convenience stores. The company has also suspended sales of fresh sweets such as cakes at its franchise outlets. (Mainichi)

Source: MSN-Mainichi Daily News

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