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A little something for your sweet tooth

Looking to gain a few pounds? Eat more sweets. But at least make sure the sweets are worth it. Cache Valley offers a few tasty pastries whose flavors, presentation, and baked goodness may be worth the consequences. So get educated.

Marilyn Small, pantry lead at Deseret Book, said the chocolate cream cake is her favorite at the Lion House pantry, located inside Deseret Book. The cake has three layers of chocolates, two layers of cream and chocolate fudge icing on top.

"It is to die for," Small said.

Another pastry that sells well at the Lion House are the orange rolls. In fact, Small said she can't even keep them in. The butter is combined with an orange zest and baked into the roll. Orange icing is also put on top.

Deseret Book is located at 1309 N. Main Unit 104 in Logan.

Christi Hunsaker, sophomore in technical theater, works at Sweetly Divine pastries in Logan and said her favorite pastry sold there is the Swan.

"I like it because it's flashy," she said.

The Swan is made out of the same dough as an eclair and is like a creme puff filled with custard, whipped cream and fruit. And the pastry is actually formed and created into the shape of a swan. For the Thanksgiving holiday, the swan is transformed into a turkey with turkey tail feathers placed on the back of the creme puff.

Hunsaker said although there is not one best thing at Sweetly Divine, the almond cookie with hazelnut filling is the best thing to get if the customer is a nut person. They are filled with a light filling and dipped in white chocolate.

Hunsaker also said a customer really can't go wrong with any Sweetly Divine pastry because everything is delicious. Sweetly Divine pastries is located at 1309 N. Main Suite 90 in Logan.

The cinnamon pull-apart is the most popular item at Crumb Brothers, said employee Leslie McKinlay. In fact, it is so popular that McKinlay said they were sold out for the day, even though it wasn't even noon. McKinlay, senior in community health education, said another favorite Crumb Brother's pastry is the apple puff turnover.

"It's an autumn delight," she said.

Filled with apples, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and sugar, this pastry is made out of puff pastry dough and is frosted with powdered sugar.

Crumb Brothers Artisan Bread is located at 291 S. 300 West in Logan.

Alonso Espinoza, owner of Rita's Bakery, said choosing a favorite pastry from his store is almost impossible.

"There are so many I like," he said.

One pastry, called a donas, is shaped like a doughnut without the hole and is filled with vanilla pudding. For those people who may not want a sugar overload, Espinoza said to try the Coucha Blanca. This pastry is made out of doughnut dough and has a flavor of vanilla.

Rita's Bakery is located at 25 W. 300 North in Logan.

Cafe Ibis kitchen manager Amy Brown said the most popular pastry there is the croissants. Although there are about two dozen of different croissant flavors baked per day, Brown said they sell pretty quickly. Another favorite pastry is the traditional buttermilk English scone. The scone has an almond flavoring along with an almond glaze. Fruit, like cherries and apricots, are sometimes backed into the scone.

Brandon DeSpain, Cafe Ibis worker, said the Maple Waffles are his favorite because of their "gooey deliciousness." This treat looks like a miniature, circular waffle that has syrup baked inside. This is a traditional treat imported from Holland.

Source: USU The Utah Statesman

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