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Synthetic khoya unit sealed in UP

Two factories were sealed here for manufacturing synthetic khoya, a milk product used to make sweets.

While one such factory was raided Friday evening, a joint team of officials of the municipal and health departments sealed another such unit Saturday.

"The khoya being produced and used for making sweets could prove to be a major health hazard in the long run," Lucknow district magistrate Chandra Bhanu told IANS.

He said: "We were shocked to discover that milk powder, 'maida' and 'suji' were being blended with sub-standard edible oil to produce khoya, which in turn was being used to prepare milk-cake."

"What was even worse was that a chemical was being used to provide the final flavour of the milk-cake, that is in great demand in the market."

According to the district magistrate, "the unit did have a licence to produce sweets, but the conditions were highly unhygienic and adulteration was being done blatantly to produce the final product."

Bhanu earlier in the day visited the factory incognito on a motorbike to confirm the clandestine operation.

Source: Economic Times

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