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Carmen's got socks appeal

FOR ex-Baywatch star Carmen Electra there's only one thing better than winning the lead role in new British comedy I Want Candy - and that's going shopping in London... Camden in particular.

"I loved going round Camden Market," says the 34-year-old actress and classically trained dancer. "I bought a lot of cool socks. I bought socks with skulls on them, socks with cherries on them - just fun cute socks.

"And filming in London was great. I would spend hours in Top Shop. I got to see one of my favourite bands - Massive Attack - and I got the chance to eat chocolate flakes every night. I love chocolate. I love sweets in general."

So it seemed like destiny that she would get the of role Candy Fiveways - and the film-makers say Carmen was always their first choice to play the world's number one pornstar.

In the movie, she is hired by two film-making hopefuls from Leatherhead - producer Joe (Tom Riley) and director Baggy (Tom Burke) - who are given the money to produce their student film as long as they throw in a few "scenes of an adult nature".

"It felt good to hear that they really wanted me for the film," Carmen says.

"If someone told you what this film was about, you could think it was going to be in poor taste but I read the script and I got where it was going with the humour and from that time on I felt really comfortable.

"It was so cleverly written with that British sense of humour and I could see the character of Candy. I liked the fact that she is a good person. She wants to do better for herself and take her career to the next level. There is something sweet and vulnerable about Candy."

Some might say the same about Carmen herself - "I try to stay in touch with my vulnerability because there is something really beautiful about that," she says - and it's certainly helped her bridge the gap between mature comedy and family entertainment.

"I always aim for what feels right and that means taking risks," Carmen says. "I may do something sexy or something like Cheaper By The Dozen 2, which was for the family. I loved working with all the kids. So from project to project it just depends on what it means to me and what my heart is telling me."

And in a event that could have come straight from the life of Candy Fiveways herself, Carmen says her decision-making skills were put to the test early in her career when she posed nude for Playboy.

"It was the first time I had posed nude" she admits. "It can be very scary and you are waiting to see what your family's reaction will be. I'm really glad I did it. Certain jobs help you learn what you don't want to do again. And I always think that's a good way to look at life in general."

Of course, she had no such qualms when the I Want Candy team asked her to ditch her brown curls for a platinum blonde look. So do blonde's have more fun?

"I loved being a blonde," she says. "But people didn't react differently to me." - JUSTIN MATLOCK

Source: Tottenham, Wood Green and Edmonton Journal,

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