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Canada Warns of Chinese-Made Desserts / Consumer Panic

Canada's Food Inspection Agency has issued a warning not to consume a dessert that was produced with milk from China's Yili Industrial Group.

The product is called Nissin Cha Cha and "may contain melamine-contaminated milk", the agency said in a statement. The dessert is sold in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

The government said that all "best before date" products are affected by this advisory. No illnesses associated with the consumption have been reported so far. The importer to the Canadian market, Regent Long Marketing & Distribution, has organised a recall of all products in cooperation with the producer of the dessert, Nissin Foods of Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, consumer panic appears to be spreading across China. Last night, BizChinaUpdate received a circular SMS message from an unknown sender saying schoolchildren are being given advice to avoid: "M&Ms, Snickers, Mento's Yoghurt Bottle, Dove Chocolate, Oreo Cookies, Dutchlady Sterilised Milk, Wall's All Natural Mango, Mini Poppers Ice Cream, Magnum bars, Moo Sandwich ice cream and Mini Cornetto.' The message finished: "If you have any of these products in your house, don't eat."

Source: BizChinaUpdate

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