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Wine, chocolate, tea for good memory

A modest amount of wine could help to beat memory loss and delay the onset of dementia, claim researchers, who added that the same goes for a few squares of chocolate and cups of tea.

However, if anyone thinks that they have got the licence to over-indulge during the festive season, should beware. According to scientists, the benefits wear off dramatically if people take more than half a glass of wine, four squares of chocolate or five cups of tea.

To reach the conclusion, Oxford University researchers examined more than 2,000 elderly people to measure cognitive performance.

They found that chocolate, wine and tea boosted the brainpower of those aged 70 to 74, reports the Daily Express.

Wine was most effective, with better performances after just a tipple.

It has long been claimed that people who consume a lot of flavonoids - present in the food and drinks studied - show lower signs of dementia.

But while the new findings support this theory, researchers still can't explain why.

Professor David Smith, who led the work, said improvements were limited to a maximum level each day.

"They had got better results depending on how much they consumed, although it did plateau," he said.

Over-indulging in alcohol could encourage dementia, as well as a host of other health problems, he warned.

Source: Times of India

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