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Local man celebrates his 100th with cigars, sweets

As Harry Todd turned 100 Monday, he celebrated by eating chocolate and eyeing the cigars he planned to smoke once the day's festivities settled down.

All his life, the retired U.S. Postal worker has indulged on chocolates and cigars. But to counter those vices, he also walked on a regular basis and still remains active. At 86, he was water skiing with his family, his daughter, Barbara Williams said.

"He's led a healthy life," Ms. Williams said. "But he has eaten what he wanted to. Every morning, he would have sausage, bacon and eggs for breakfast. And he's always eaten sweets."

For 30 years, Mr. Todd worked with the local post office and much of that was spent hand-delivering mail along Main Street in downtown Anderson. There was no Jeep for him to drive. His family said he walked the route. He also served in World War II as a glider pilot.

He was raised in Anderson.

It was only four years ago that he moved into the assisted living center, Magnolias of Anderson, off S.C. 81 in Anderson. There he still walks, although with the help of a walker at times, and he takes the occasional smoke break.

As he celebrated with cake and balloons Monday, he received a kiss from his "sweetheart," Anne Simmons.

Family and friends also brought by goodies for the birthday celebration. Sitting in a large chair next to his cake, Mr. Todd sifted through two gift bags. He pulled out a large bag of Milky Way candy bars, a wrapped heart full of chocolates and two small boxes of cigars. The most prized sweet thing in those bags a Whitman Sampler.

Tucking it under his arm, Mr. Todd said, "I'm going to hang on to this one. These are the best."

When asked how he made it from 1907 to 2007, he laughed. "I don't know. It sure wasn't the cigars," he said.

Source: Anderson Independent Mail

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