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Kids Spend 106 a Year on Sweets

BRITISH children as young as five spend 106.20 a year on sweets, it was revealed yesterday.

A report showed our kids are the junk food dustbins of Europe.

Five to nine-year-olds in Britain guzzle more sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks than German, French and Italian children.

The amount they spend on sugary snacks is three times more than the Italians and twice as much as Spanish and German kids of the same age.

Primary pupils fork out 106.70 on soft drinks - more than three times as much as the French and twice as much as the Germans.

Those aged 10 to 13 spend an average of 128 on confectionery and 149 on fizzy drinks.

Children in Britain also top the league for skipping breakfast, with around one in four missed each year.

Figures from market analysts Data monitor show that while British children go to school with empty tummies 90 times a year, Italian children only miss breakfast 30 times and the French 45 times.

The figures were published as childhood obesity reaches record levels, with experts predicting that in four years, one in three kids will be overweight.

Data monitor blamed working parents for the amount of junk their youngsters eat.

Analyst Nick Beevors said: "With many families relying on dual incomes and mums having to work, parents are spending less time with children and compensating by giving them extra pocket money."

British kids get the most pocket money in Europe, with five to nine-year-olds receiving 3.50 a week - twice as much as the French and Italians.

Ten to 13-year-olds receive 7.40 - double the pocket money doled out to French kids.

Data monitor said that by giving our children more disposable income and extra time to spend it, we are in danger of killing them with kindness.

Source: Glasgow Daily Record

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