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OK, I know the How-to-be-Healthy Drill. I eat tons of fruits and vegetables; in fact, I eat a lot of organic foods. I drink several glasses of water daily, and I hike regularly in local forests with my dog to keep in shape. I play often with my grandchildren, who make me feel ageless.

But I am also a senior citizen with a bit of wisdom to back her years. And here is what I know: There is nothing wrong with indulging now and then in a food that offers little nutritional value. Where am I going with this? Think sweets; think chocolate, my weakness.

I'm building a case for my latest cookie discovery: Hershey's Cookies, milk-chocolate-dipped cookies that come in several yummy flavors. This cookie, which reminds me of a candy bar, comes in Almond Joy flavor; one with caramel; a third called York, with peppermint cream; one with just almonds; and my favorite, Reese's.

For this cookie, I appreciate the way Hershey sandwiched the peanut butter between the milk chocolate topping and the cookie on the bottom. Interesting concept. (And if you're really curious about the nutritional thing, the Reese's cookie has 2 grams of protein!)

My husband, Gary, the grocery shopper at our house, isn't into sweets that much but brings his sweets-addicted wife home an occasional treat. Thus was the scene recently when I mentioned to him, while watching a movie, that I was craving a sweet.

He arose from his chair, wearing a sheepish grin, and strolled to one of his "hiding places" where he keeps things so I won't find them. Does he really need brownie points with me after 42 years together? Not really, but he likes to play the role of good guy. Maybe he's been watching too many movies!

Anyway, I was most happy when he plopped down a package of the Hershey's Reese's Cookies. It had 18 cookies (he found them at Kroger for $2.99), but that number soon dwindled to five after the two of us passed the package back and forth a few times.

The next week, Gary brought home another box of Reese's. I was hooked.

A short time later, I noticed an extra pound pop up on my scale. But I know what to do about that: Hike more! At this stage in life, I am set in my ways.

You know the song "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend"? For me, it's chocolate. Meanwhile, my thanks to the Hershey company for enriching my senior years.

Source: Louisville Courier-Journal

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