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Cool Stuff Being Made How Holiday Candy Is Made

For any chocolate candy lover, what can be better than watching before your very eyes as a large vat of liquid chocolate and almonds are mixed together?
That is the opening scene in this week's edition of CoolStuffBeingMade: how holiday candy is made (amazing how we are able to time these videos just right, eh?). We actually have two new videos this week and, in the spirit of Christmas, a third video that we are re-gifting.
The first six-minute video shows how a chocolate nutcracker is made. In this video you'll watch how the chocolate is mixed and then poured into a depositor to form 4 oz. moulds which are then vibrated to both even the product throughout and to remove any air bubbles. After that, it enters a cooling tunnel where, upon exiting, gets taken out of the mould, into a tray pack and inserted into a nifty window box. At this point, as part of any manufacturing process, quality assurance takes over. Later, we shrink wrap the candy, date it for freshness and scan it through a metal detector. The process concludes by adding it to a tote cart where it is off to the warehouse for distribution.
Our second video, a little longer at around 18 minutes, shows how coconut drops are made. It begins with corn syrup and sugar mixed at 244 degrees Fahrenheit which is later mixed with the coconut and cream. Once all the main ingredients are thoroughly mixed, it is formed into small pieces and placed on a conveyor belt with double curtain of chocolate applied to it at 87 degrees Fahrenheit.
The videos that you see today come once again from our partner, PCN Tours. They are from the Wolfgang Candy Company which we featured back in early November. To put our two manufacturing videos in context, we decided to re-air another video as part of your selection today: a tour of the candy store and museum.
Happy Holidays from the NAM and CoolStuffBeingMade.com. Enjoy the long weekend and don't eat too many sweets: you gotta save room for dessert!

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