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Loyal customers inspire fudge, chocolate treats

As the saying goes, "I never met a chocolate I did not like."
In Central El Paso, one woman is not only selling different fudge and chocolate concoctions, but also is documenting her clients' love of chocolate.

Ruby Mijares has been at her Fudge 'N' More location for three years at 914 N. Mesa. She wakes up long before dawn to create fresh chocolates, candy clusters, strawberries dipped in dark and milk chocolate and fudge.

"My customers are always looking for unique fudge flavors, so I work hard to provide them with different kinds of sweet delicacies," Mijares said.

Upon entering the shop, you can't help noticing the bright orange Miner Fudge.

There's also the Wasabi Fudge in a subtle green with enough chocolate and heat to let you know you are enjoying something entirely different and decadent.

"I have also offered jalape-o fudge, so it is fun to create new flavors keeping the favorites including pecan fudge and rocky road," she said.

Along with creating the chocolate, she takes pride in documenting the chocolate creations and the customers who buy them. Mijares has created what she calls "Faces of Chocolate." During the past three years, Mijares has photographed her customers holding their favorite chocolates. When they return, she offers the picture as a token of her appreciation and keeps a copy to remind her of all the customers who have made her business a success.

"The store is everything because of them, and I have six photo albums filled with newfound friends who have returned and have become like family," she said. She says that every picture tells a story, such as children receiving chocolate to celebrate a good report card and birthdays.

"That is what chocolate is all about. It just manages to bring people together, " she said.

Her latest pictures in the album feature her latest creation, the loaded brownie, which is a thick square of gooey goodness, drizzled with chocolate and covered with pecans, fresh strawberries and whipped cream, if desired.

Her small store also features costume jewelry and stone creations from around the world.

Felipa Solis writes about El Paso-area finds each Saturday.

Source: El Paso Times

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