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Daniels pays off for Irish in chocolate

To settle his friendly wager with Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco over the outcome of the Sugar Bowl - that saw Notre Dame lose to LSU - Gov. Mitch Daniels will send Blanco a gift basket of assorted chocolates from the South Bend Chocolate Company and a variety of Amish sweets.

In his note to Blanco, Daniels said:

"Here in Indiana we believe in staying out of debt, so I'm paying up promptly on last night's football bet. You'll soon be enjoying some incomparable peanut brittle and hard candy, homemade by the Amish Hoosiers of whom we are so proud. And be sure to set aside any New Year's resolutions long enough to sample the fabulous products of the South Bend Chocolate Company, made within a JaMarcus Russell long ball of the Notre Dame campus.

"That's one great football team you have there. If they were watching, I suspect our next-door neighbors in Ohio were glad they won't be facing your young men next Monday night."

Source: Post Tribune

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