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Chocolate That Reverses Tooth Decay To Be Launched

Sixty years of scientific study finally bore fruit today when Belgian confectioners announced they have come up with a novel way to enjoy chocolates, AND maintain healthy-looking teeth - CHOCOLATE TOOTHPASTE!

Belgians love their chocolates, and, as a consequence, have the gammiest teeth in Europe. Scientific research started after the Second World War to try and discover how the population could carry on eating their staple diet of chocolate AND improve dental health.

The result - CHOCOPASTE!

Taking all the ingredients of the White Chocolate Champagne Truffle, and blending it with an equal measure of ordinary toothpaste, the experts came up with the winning formula, which, apparently, is proven in the fight against tooth decay, as well as tasting wonderful.

There's no need to brush either. The CHOCOPASTE comes in sweet form, so forget your toothbrush. Just pop one in your mouth, and enjoy that sweet chocolatey sensation as it melts in your mouth, and let the magic formula work its spell.

CHOCOPASTE is to be launched on the UK market in December, and will retail at around 5.99 pounds sterling for a box of 24 sweets.

The manufacturers have said that, although the product is proven in the fight against tooth decay, it won't stop consumers becoming FAT BASTARDS.

Source: The Spoof

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