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Build a stash of delightful hostess gifts for those holiday events

You've made your gift list and checked it more than twice. But if you plan to show up at a lot of front doors for holiday parties, you won't want to go empty-handed.

Sure, there's the standby bottle of pinot noir or flowers, but for a touch of originality, there are many small tokens of thanks on store shelves for the host and hostess welcoming you into their home.

Margo Nelson, owner and operator of Margo's Gift Shop at Utica Square, said it's easy to stock up on these small packages that just about everyone can appreciate. Keeping a few gifts on hand in a corner of your closet or in a chest can be helpful in a "gift emergency" or last-minute situation.

"I'm just talking about things to have on hand, like if you're going to someone's house for dinner," she said.

And these small indulgences don't have to cost a lot -- comparable to a bouquet of flowers or a reasonably priced bottle of wine.

Whether it's a fragrant candle, sparkling tree ornament or even a package of decorative cocktail napkins, these small packages are thoughtful and most definitely on the luxurious side.

"Anything that you wouldn't buy typically for yourself," Nelson said.

Source: Tulsa World

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