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Mmm, pie and chocolate

Fancy chocolate is good, but most times I'm just as happy with a Hershey bar - until the other evening.
I was at work late, going through my mailbox, when I opened a box containing the loveliest chocolates I've ever seen.
Shaped like pieces of colorful pie, they're limited edition from Godiva: the American Pies G Collection.
The candy combines chocolate and pie flavors - a chocolate shell surrounding interpretations of banana cream pie, apple crumb, lemon meringue, chocolate peanut butter (I thought I'd died and gone to the big peanut-butter cup in the sky), chocolate cream, pecan, strawberry and key lime.
Godiva says the collection "represents the fusion of art and chocolate and appeals to the pie lover in everyone."
This fusion, however, is incredibly expensive - $65 for 18 pieces.
I'd probably never buy myself a box because, well, maybe I am cheap. But this candy is truly extraordinary. It's the perfect indulgence for the chocolate and pie lover in your life. Available at Macy's, Godiva stores and godiva.com.
Meanwhile, I hit Nordstrom Rack last weekend, and boy did I clean up!
Among my finds: a cozy cashmere scarf for a friend. The regular price: $86. The Rack price: $19.97
I also found an adorable reversible wool and angora knit scarf - one side is orange with cream polka dots and the other side is camel - with baubles instead of fringe. Original price: $78. The Rack's price: $19.97.
The Rack is one of my absolute favorite discounters. The accessories are especially good, and I left tons of scarves behind, so there should be plenty for you!

Source: Fort Wayne News

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