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New Yorkers Favor a Ban on Candy Sales in Schools

New Yorkers think childhood obesity is a major problem and many favor a ban on candy sales in schools, Cornell report reveals (HealthNewsDigest.com).. ITHACA, N.Y. More than eight in 10 New York state residents consider childhood obesity to be a major problem and almost half favor a government ban on candy and soda advertising on children's television programming, according to a Cornell University report based on state polling data.
Fully 81 percent of New York residents label childhood obesity as a "major problem" in the United States and 63.4 percent think that the government should ban the sale of candy, soda and chips from schools, according to the report, "New York State Residents' Support for Policies to Reduce Childhood Obesity," authored by John Cawley, associate professor of policy analysis and management at Cornell.
"The share of overweight children in the U.S. has more than tripled since 1970, and New York state residents are concerned," said Cawley.
Cawley crafted questions about childhood obesity that were included in the 2006 Empire State Poll, a survey of New York residents that is conducted annually by Cornell's Survey Research Institute. The results of that poll are included in Cawley's report, which was published in September, 2006 by the Survey Research Institute.
The report also indicates, however, that a solid majority (56 percent) of New York residents oppose policies to raise taxes on candy and sweets. More than a third (36.3 percent) oppose paying higher taxes to reduce childhood obesity compared to one-sixth (15.9 percent) who would pay more than $200 per year in additional taxes for such a cause.
"Overall, the results suggest that state policies for addressing childhood obesity would receive the most support if they focused on high-calorie foods sold in our schools," Cawley concluded.

Source: HealthNewsDigest.com

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