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Low-calorie sweets for your sweet

With Valentine's Day on Thursday, thoughts often turn to sweets. But you don't have to compromise your New Year's resolution to lose weight with this alternatives to high calorie sweets.

Share a dessert with one, two three or more friends - many restaurant dessert portion sizes would serve a family!

Buy single-serving portions (but not the king size) to satisfy a sweet tooth once in a while. Enjoy eating it slowly, tasting each bit.

Put flavored yogurt in a fancy dish with a graham cracker stick or two. Try a new flavor such as lemon meringue, key lime or white chocolate flavor mousse.

Cottage cheese and fruit makes a healthy sweet alternative.

Ice cream sundae: 1/2 cup scoop of low fat ice cream - put in a fancy small bowl. Drizzle with 1 tablespoon chocolate syrup, add a dollop of low-calorie whipped topping with a cherry and sprinkle of nuts. Eat slowly and enjoy! (It's a regular sundae, but the attention to portion size makes a difference!)

Treat yourself to a frozen dessert (such as ice cream bars or sandwiches) that are the mini-size or low fat/low sugar.

Apple, blueberry or peach crisp: Use your own recipe, but decrease the sugar or Splenda when sprinkling the fruit. Decrease the sugar and margarine in the topping and change from flour to oatmeal to make the "crisp" topping. Serve small portions with a dab of whipped topping or light ice cream.

Source: PensacolaNewsJournal.com

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