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Cadbury - Flake : Chocolate bar

The finest, crumbliest chocolate ever made. If for some reason you have not tried a Cadbury Flake, you have no idea just what you are missing. It is made from incredibly thin milk chocolate rolled into a sort of log, that simply melts in your mouth! Cadbury Flake; once tried, is never forgotten. The Cadbury Flake bar was originally launched in 1920. The concept of the Flake was discoved by a Cadbury employee who filled the chocolate moulds. Once the moulds were full, the excess chocolate used to spill over the edge and fold down in a stream of chocolate. Once this stream cooled, the Flake product was created as the texture had many thin layers of chocolate and was very crumbly and flakey!

Size: 49g (1.2oz) Bar


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