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How to recognize good chocolate

The finest chocolate is appreciated for a depth and breadth of flavor that includes sweet and subtle nuances of acidity, bitterness, tartness, fruitiness, sweetness, creaminess, purity and sharpness.

The consistense, flavour and taste of chocolate are influenced by multiple factors such as the type of cocoa bean, the processing of the beans as well as by the ingredients that are added to it.

Only the highest quality beans and ingredients, with no additives, fillers or waxes make the best quality chocolate.

We have to specify that the higher the content of cocoa solids in chocolate, the more rich and flavorful the chocolate is.

The chocolate which contains a high percentage of cocoa solidswould be brown or dark brown in color, and is glossy.

Bellow we will post several tips on how to distinguish a good chocolate:

APPEARANCE: chocolate should look impeccable and flawless with no cracks, streaks, sugar bloom or air pockets. The color of chocolate should be plain and even with a deep shade of mahogany or red. Black color is not always a sign of a good and impeccable chocolate. Sometimes it just points to the fact that the cocoa beans have been over-roasted or that chocolate may contain an additive meaning to intensify its color.

AROMA: As you unwrap a chocolate you should feel it's classic and complex fragrance. The lack of smell or it's overpowering is a sign of bad quality. Burnt, musty, chemically or medicine smell is not also good.

TOUCH: Chocolate should be silky and not sticky. The warmth of your finger should just begin to yield the chocolate.

SOUND: When you brake a piece of chocolate it should crack cleanly - if it splinters or crumbles that's not good.

MOUTHFEEL: A good quality chocolate should start to melt straight away in your mouth, gently dissolving into a creamy liquid, which will fill your mouth with its complexity of aroma.

It should feel smooth and buttery and no grainy or 'gluey'. If you feel the chocolate waxy or clacky this sometimes means that the cocoa butter has been replaced with vegetable fat - and it is not real chocolate.

The aftertaste should be pleasant and clean with no residue

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